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Granite counter top



Natural granite is one of the most durable natural stone surfaces available, Perfect for the kitchen or bath. Every piece of natural granite has its own unique pattern, making each surface one-of-a-kind. It is quite a journey from rock to countertop. Natural granite is an igneous rock, also known as "fire rock", which is formed by slowly cooling pockets of magma trapped beneath the earth's surface. Natural granite is a material with naturally occurring variations in color, tone, Granite needs to be sealed regularly.

Reasons to Consider Granite Countertops

Granite has a rich beauty that few other countertop materials can match. It is a natural product with a timeless aura and appeal. Granite countertops take a high-quality kitchen to the next level visually and often become the centerpiece of the room.

Granite is a very hard substance and is not susceptible to scratches. While not ideal to work on because it will dull knife blades, it will take normal wear and tear very well. Granite resists heat too, so its use near a range or cooktop is ideal. When you have to set down a hot pan fast, granite can take the heat without being damaged or weakened. In the bathroom, placing a hair tool on it that is still warm won’t be a problem.

Granite can be very resistant to stains and won’t absorb liquids when it is properly sealed.

Reasons to be Cautious about Granite Countertops

For all their beauty and durability, granite counters do have a few weaknesses. The most concerning problems can occur when the countertops are not sealed correctly or the sealant wears off without the counters being resealed. Granite is porous. This means that unsealed or poorly sealed counters can absorb wine, juice or oil, producing a stain that might be impossible to remove. A poorly-sealed countertop can also harbor bacteria in its pores.

Some treated granite can go 10 years without being sealed, but many countertops will need to be resealed on a yearly basis. When this is overlooked, it won’t take long for granite countertops to begin to show signs of staining.

While these counters are very durable, a heavy object dropped on a corner might crack or chip the granite. This isn’t common, but it can happen under the right circumstances.


If you are good with keeping up with regular granite countertop cleaning and you are careful with juice spills and similar events, then there is no good reason not to consider granite countertops. of course the color and patterns of the granite makes a huge difference as well. 

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